Commercial Enquiries

Sherford will have its own sustainable economy, with the town being designed to ensure residents have easy access to all amenities within walking distance of their homes. With three distinct neighbourhoods planned, as well as several high streets, there will be an abundance of opportunities for residents to work, live and shop at Sherford.  


Within the first phase of Sherford, there will be a range of commercial opportunities and high-quality spaces available, open to all types of businesses. With access to a ready-made, growing customer base of eventually over 12,000 people, as well as having the opportunity to be part of a new business community, there is no better time to find out more about what is available.   


The Sherford Consortium welcomes proposals from residents or other parties for viable, temporary businesses within the town. These should seek to add to Sherford’s community and sense of place.  


Temporary operations would need to be fully financed by the interested party, and planning permission and any relevant licenses would also need to be secured by the business. 


Any temporary business would only be permitted until permanent facilities are available and must not compromise the site’s approved Masterplan. 


Discussions over the local centre are progressing well, with news to follow soon. Enquiries for longer term, permanent business propositions should continue to be sent to the commercial agent.  

For more information about the commercial space set to be available at Sherford, contact John Slade via email at