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05 Feb 2019

Sherford Open House: Your questions answered

Last month, Sherford held its latest Open House drop-in session, aimed at those curious about life at the new town and with queries about the community. Current residents, members of neighbouring communities and prospective buyers had the opportunity to ask any questions about Sherford to the team behind its development. 

Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet more of Sherford's residents, as well as recieving some useful and informative feedback. 

You asked and we listened; please read the below to see responses to some of the questions posed at the event. 

Parking & Transport:

Q. Are there any plans to introduce any further speed restrictions on Main St?

A. Traffic marshals are in place to help the flow of traffic travelling throughout Sherford. A pedestrian crossing is also in the process of being installed at Main St and will be completed in February, with further pedestrian crossings planned for other areas, including Sherford Vale School.

Q. When will the new Sherford link road be open?

A. Works on the new Sherford link road will be completed and open to traffic from mid-April.

Q. Those living in the Mews area at Octons Way are struggling to park as homeowners with garages are parking their cars outside. A letter drop has already taken place to remind residents to use garages, but can anything more be done?

A. Residents with garages can park their vehicles outside of their garages, however those who are struggling to park are encouraged to speak to their developer sales teams.

Q. Are there plans to introduce disabled bays at Sherford?

 A. Disabled bays will be included as part of Sherford’s main town. The Consortium will also be reviewing disabled parking on an ongoing basis, and residents with disabilities are encouraged to apply for ‘Blue Badge’ via

Q. There are some road signs which have not been installed to completed areas, when will these be installed?

A. The Consortium and site teams will be reviewing and installing road signs to all completed roads. As an interim measure, temporary A1 display boards will be fitted to ensure that Sherford visitors and deliveries can locate these areas.

 Q. Some residents are concerned about the parking around the rear entrance of Sherford Vale School, noting that this is close to where children exit the building. Can any safety measures be put in place?

 A. The Consortium is looking into this issue and will be discussing solutions further with Sherford Vale’s Headteacher.


Q. Will any changes be made to the bin stores at Sherford, including providing additional lighting and digital lock access?

A. Following queries raised by residents, the Consortium will be looking into the condition of the current bin stores at Sherford. Future bin stores for new areas of the community will also include additional lighting and safe access measures.

Q. Some residents have complained that there is a smell coming from the pump station, can this be addressed?

 A. New odour control systems are set to be installed in February, which will prevent any bad smells from reaching public areas.

 Q. Will any further measures be put in place to stop litter from builders on site?

A. The Consortium has employed litter pickers on site and will look at increasing the frequency of litter picking across the site, as well as continuing to monitor workers. Residents are encouraged to report any incident of littering to the site team via email at

 Q. Can anything be done to prevent dust from construction gathering on homes and in public areas?

 A. There are a number of dust suppression measures currently in place at Sherford. Construction work will also soon be moving away from resident areas, which should prevent dust from reaching homes and public spaces. Residents with dust issues are encouraged to report any problems to their developer's customer care team.

 Q. Can anything be done to lower resident parking space lips?

 A. The Consortium and site teams are in the process of correcting and lowering resident parking space lips and encourage anyone with this issue to contact

 Q. What sign will be placed on the empty pole at Libra Avenue?

 A. A new pedestrian access sign will be placed at Libra Avenue, and is expected to be installed and completed in summer.

 Q. Some of the street lights are too bright, can these be dimmed?

A. The site team has already installed caps to several street lights throughout the community and will continue to review and address the situation. Residents are encouraged to report any issues with the street lights to

 Q. Some of the street lights are not working, can these be switched on?

A. The site team will investigate any street lights which are not switched on and will ensure all are operational. If a street light is not working, residents can inform the site team via email at

 Community Facilities:

 Q. When will the pedestrian/cycle path at King George Playing Field and the Country Park be completed?

 A. The pedestrian and cycle path at King George Playing Field will be open to the public this spring. The public will also be able to access the Country Park via a new footpath, which will open in April.

Q. When will the first sports pitches be available?

 A. Sherford Vale School has a sports pitch, which potentially will be available to rent to the public from the summer. Other sports pitches are planned as part of Sherford and will be completed and constructed as the development progresses.    

 Q. When will the first secondary school be open?

 A. The first secondary school is expected to open in the next five to seven years, once around 1,350 homes at Sherford are completed.

 Q. When will Sherford have a post box?

 A. Contact has been made with Royal Mail and the process has started to agree the most appropriate location for a post box.

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