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16 May 2022

Jubilee Street Parties at Sherford: what you need to know

Applying to hold a street party: 

The process in other towns is that permission for a street closure should be requested from the Council – but because Sherford is private land, under development, and owned by the Sherford Consortium, the process will be different.


All Sherford resident street parties should be detailed in an email to or by Monday 23rd May.

This email should communicate:

·        The date and time of the street party

·        Whether or not you want to close a road or section of road, and its name

·        If the road is part of a bus route or used by through traffic

·        Which properties are affected and if you’ve consulted neighbours

·        Name of the resident coordinating the event


Sherford’s project and site team is currently reviewing requests on a case-by case basis to provide approval. The intention is to support these community events, but where issues like road safety or emergency access are a concern, the street party may not be approved and another location could be encouraged.


If you are having a ‘street meet’ that doesn’t involve a road closure or obstruction, you don’t need to notify the Sherford Consortium’s project team. A ‘street meet’ could take place on a driveway, parking area, open green space, or front garden, for example.


Top Tips: 

  • Let everyone in the street know the event is taking place 
  • Give neighbours adequate opportunity to move their cars should they need to enter or exit the area during the party
  • Make sure any furniture or activities could be quickly moved if emergency services needed to gain access to the road
  • Have a wet weather plan 
  • Make your entertainment, games and activities suitable and safe for all 
  • Take plenty of photos and - most importantly - have fun! 
  • Take a look at the guides here for more advice and pointers: and

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