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15 Apr 2019

“It sounds like Sherford’s got it all” says BBC Radio Devon

Last week, BBC Radio Devon ran a phone-in on ‘new homes versus old homes.’ If you listened in or were one of the wonderful residents that rang the station, you will have heard presenter Janet Kipling in awe of all the supportive calls that came in from enthusiastic residents. As she said, “the Sherford love is pouring out this afternoon” – and it certainly was.


Residents that called in, said of Sherford, “as soon as we saw the house, we were so delighted with it. It’s got bucket loads of character and we fell in love with it… The community feel hits you as you arrive… everyone is so friendly, and it feels like a village.” Another caller said, “We still pinch ourselves; we can’t believe we live here… the people are so nice, it’s unbelievable… It’s only going to get better and better!” 


Keeping the positivity coming throughout the hour-long call-in debate, a third resident said, “I bought into the community spirit before I moved here…Sherford is our forever home.” And the fourth and final Sherford caller said, “Life has changed dramatically for us as a family and we’re really enjoying it.” 


The show featured some text messages too, including: “I love my new home in Sherford. Community is created by people who live in the area and people here are definitely loving the new town spirit.” The phone-in ended with a final text that read, “We absolutely love our new home in Sherford, there’s a great community… perhaps all those people who slate Sherford are actually just jealous of such an amazing community spirit and lovely houses!”


You can listen for yourself, while the show remains online and on the BBC Sounds app for the next month. Thank you to those who called or texted the show; the sense of pride and community spirit was clear for all to hear. For a whole hour, it was in Janet’s words, “wall to wall Sherford love.” 


Fast forward to 1 hour 4 minutes into this recording to hear the phone-in, which goes on until about 1 hour 56 minutes:


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