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Thursday 24th March 2016

Stanborough Cross Update

The works on Stanborough Cross are well underway, with areas of construction already completed. Please see below for the latest updates regarding completed and ongoing works, including traffic management systems and road diversions. The works aim to improve traffic flow and management in the local area, as well as both driver and pedestrian safety.

Works on Stanborough Cross are expected to be completed by Autumn 2016.

Completed Works
· Removal of traffic island
· Construction of central reserves on Elburton Road
· Reinstatement of carriage way on Elburton Road
· New gate and footpath for Elburton School, to enable access from Elburton Road

Ongoing Works
· Electric cabling due to be completed by early May
· Construction of new junction Elburton Road/Haye Road due to be completed by early June
· Construction of new junction Elburton Road/Stanborough Road due to be completed early June
· Widening of Haye Road has started with excavation of the footpath

Forthcoming Works
· South West Water mains and connections starting 24.03. Completion due on 28.04
· Alterations to roads and footpaths for gas mains starting 14.03. Completion due on 11.05

Traffic Diversions & Traffic Management Systems
· Existing diversion: No right turn from Elburton Road to Haye Road at Stanborough Cross
· Existing diversion: No right turn from Elburton Road to Stanborough Road at Stanborough Cross
· Traffic lights are in place to enable the left turning traffic from Stanborough Road and Haye Road to enter Elburton safely, and for traffic turning left into Haye Road and Stanborough Road to avoid the works taking place on the road corners. The traffic lights are also set to enable pedestrians to cross Elburton Road. The road diversion will remain in place at present, with minor alternations to enable drainage to be constructed to the road widening areas

If you would like to speak to someone at South West Highways regarding these works, please use the telephone number or email address provided between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 01404 821500

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the construction works currently taking place, please email