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Tuesday 12th July 2016

Stanborough Cross Update (July)

 Completed works
• Build central reserves on Elburton Road
• Reinstate carriageway on Elburton road
• Virgin media ducts and diversion were completed
• Repair and replacement of gas mains completed
• South West Water mains and connections
• Alterations to roads and footpaths for Gas mains
• Gas main chamber in Haye Road completed
• Left Turn Traffic island on Haye Road
• South West Water valve chambers on Stanborough Road
• Gas main valve chamber on Haye Road

Works Ongoing
• With the West side of Haye Road under completion for finishing works, traffic has changed sides of the road to enable the East side of Haye road to be constructed.
• Reconstruction of footpaths
• Drainage to Haye Road Junction
• Finishing works to Traffic islands and footpaths
• New lighting columns to Haye Road
• Realignment of manhole next to Haye Road

Road Diversions in Place
• Existing diversion - No Right turn from Elburton Road to Haye Road at Stanborough Cross
• Existing diversion - No Right turn from Elburton Road to Stanborough Road at Stanborough Cross
• Traffic lights are in place to enable the left turning traffic from Stanborough Road and Haye Road to enter Elburton Road safely, and for traffic turning left into Haye Road and Stanborough Road to avoid the works on the corner of the roads. The traffic lights are also set to enable pedestrians to cross Elburton Road.
• The road diversion will remain in place at present, with minor alterations to enable the contractor to change sides of the road following completion of some areas.