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Tuesday 31st July 2018

Sherford Road Update

As part of a long-term development plan for the local area, Sherford Road has been closed since April. Unfortunately a number of unforeseen and unavoidable issues have arisen during that time and the Sherford Consortium has been working hard to rectify these.

As part of the temporary road closure and diversion, the water main feeding Elburton had to be re-routed. During the final connections, this water main burst due to faulty fittings, causing damage that had to be repaired. In addition, the existing water main within Sherford Road was too shallow and had to be redesigned and moved to a new location away from the existing road.

Although the roads are now finished and inspections are complete, there continues to be an unforeseen delay with the legal paperwork required to reopen the road with the legal documentation still in the process of being completed. However, legal matters are progressing as hoped, and we are now aiming towards an open date of Friday 3rd August. The Sherford Consortium endeavours not to disrupt the local community and apologises for any inconvenience and disruption caused by the work and unavoidable delays.