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Monday 30th October 2017

Sherford Road Update

As part of a long-term development plan for the local area, works will be taking place at and around Sherford Rd from the 30th October. These works are dependent on the construction of a replacement road, meaning there should be little or no change to your travel plans in the area.

The below image outlines the new proposed replacement route, however not all of Sherford Rd will be closed following its completion. For those travelling South along Sherford Rd (towards Elburton), the road will be closed approximately 50m after the old quarry and woods, and will end about 140m before the start of the new homes in Sherford.

As works progress at Sherford, the town will be expanding across Sherford Rd, with the route eventually becoming integrated into the new community. The main route from the town to the A38 will eventually be accessed from Hercules Rd which will run throughout the community, with Brixton Rd and other additional minor roads also being absorbed into the town.

This is part of a long-term travel plan for the area, created to ensure the smooth flow of traffic from within and around the new community. Expected completion for the works is Summer 2018.