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Monday 23rd May 2016

Stanborough Cross Update May 2016

Completed Works

• Virgin media ducts and diversion completed on 24.04
• Repair and replacement of gas mains completed May 2016
• South West Water mains and connections completed on 28.04
• Alterations to roads and footpaths for Gas mains completed on 11.05

Ongoing Works

• Widening of Haye started in early march, with the new footpath now under construction
• Construction of the new wall on the corner of Haye Road
• New water main to Elburton Road
• Construction of new junction Elburton Road / Haye Road – due for completion 30.05.16
• Construction of new junction Elburton Road / Stanborough Road – due for completion 30.05.2016

Forthcoming Works

• Reconstruction of footpaths starting 23.05. Completion expected in August
• Drainage to Haye Road junction starting 23.05

Stanborough Cross works are due to be completed in August 2016