An overview

In December 2017, the Sherford Consortium held a series of public consultation events to explain more about the Section 73 planning application, submitted in March 2018. Many Sherford residents and members of the local community attended the events and took the time to provide feedback.

The planning application concerns future work at Sherford. Some changes are necessary to embrace new technical and policy requirements; better cope with complexities on site; and safeguard the growing community. The overall aims for Sherford remain the same, as does the Sherford Consortium’s commitment to creating a well-designed and sustainable town.

The masterplan for Sherford has been updated to include more effective solutions to deal with surface water. A new sustainable drainage solution is proposed, which will see the layout of the town alter to bring spacious green fingers of land up through the site, especially through residential areas, to act as natural drainage zones. To see the new masterplan, please click here


In addition to the public consultations, there was a thorough review process that took place throughout 2017, with a number of workshops and a Developer’s Forum that involved the Local Authorities, community groups and skilled professionals. All of the feedback received during the consultation process has been reviewed and reflected upon.

Sherford has advanced through close consultation and collaboration with the local public, community and professionals and this approach will continue. The public exhibition allowed us to review and understand the views of those living at Sherford, as well as local residents and stakeholders. The Sherford Consortium will ensure that there is scope for future reserved matters submissions to consider the comments received.

Your questions answered

The tables below show the feedback received at and following the public consultation events and the Sherford Consortium response. If you submitted a comment or question, you will find the reply to that in the table. All comments and questions were carefully considered by the team behind Sherford’s planning and design. Alternatively download the table as a PDF, here


If you didn't have the chance to attend the public consultation events or would like a refresher about what the new plans cover, please see the below overview video. Alternatively, you can read a detailed explanation here.