Frequently Asked Questions

 About Sherford

What is the vision for Sherford?
Sherford is more than just a new housing development; it is an entire new community being built right in the heart of Devon that will become home to some 12,000 new residents. It is the product of over two decades of planning, public consultation, and expertise of award-winning architects, consultants, craftsmen, ecologists, surveyors, engineers and designers. Sherford will combine traditional design with modern living and feature 5,500 homes alongside shops, businesses, leisure facilities, schools, parks and woodland.

Who is leading the development of Sherford?
The Sherford Consortium is a partnership of renowned homebuilders, Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey. Responsible for the coordination and evolution of this substantial development, the Sherford Consortium will ensure it meets the high quality standards stated in the Town Code.

How much is being invested in Sherford?
In excess of £1billion will be invested in Sherford. The Government has already show its support for the town’s construction, with the Homes and Communities Agency injecting £32 million into the project in 2013 to help get the first phase of work underway.

How will the development benefit the surrounding community?
This development will bring considerable new business and commercial opportunities to the area, injecting £2 billion into the local economy. During the build phase 300-400 construction jobs have been created, including an Apprenticeship skills programme. And approximately 5,000 jobs will become available within the town, with numerous shops, businesses and schools integrated throughout the community.

How do I find out if the construction work will affect me?
The Sherford Consortium will oversee highway improvements and construction of a new link to enable access to the development. Earthworks, new services, drainage, landscaping, archaeological investigations and ecological works will take place; all vital elements in the initial construction of the new community. Please visit the traffic section of the website for details of roadworks. Immediate homeowners on-site will be contacted directly if any large works are taking place. 



Who are the first Sherford homes aimed at?
Sherford is a community open to all and as such, we have already seen that it is appealing to a wide range of people and a cross section of society. From those looking to get on the property ladder, couples looking to downsize, individuals looking for apartments, to those with children needing plenty of room; the homes at Sherford are built to suit every need. With plenty of amenities, green space and local schools, it is expected that Sherford will particularly appeal to families and first time buyers.

Who do you expect to be amongst your first buyers?
We have had a great deal of interest in Sherford from a range of buyers, especially first time buyers and families. Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey have sales and marketing offices on the main street at Sherford and the public are welcome to visit and find out more about the different homes available.

When will the first residents be living at Sherford?
The first residents moved into Sherford in May 2017.

How many homes are being built in the first phase and how long will it take until this is complete?
There will be approximately 600 homes delivered in the first phase at Sherford, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to six-bedroom houses. The first phase will take three to four years to complete.

What style of properties will be available, and what will they cost?
From apartments and town houses, to mews and detached properties, as Sherford grows there will be a wide selection of homes available to suit a range of needs and budgets. Classic architectural styles will give Sherford the look and feel of a tasteful, traditional British town, supported by contemporary mod-cons. Each developer will have a range of finishes and fittings available and property prices will start from £174,950.

Will the first Sherford residents be living in Plymouth or the South Hams?
The initial first phase of homes is largely being constructed in the Plymouth area, however as the development progresses, construction will focus on building homes in the South Hams.

What is the proportion of affordable homes within Sherford?
Affordable housing is a term that refers to social rented housing, as well as shared equity and shared ownership schemes. In response to the need for affordable housing in the South Hams and Plymouth, a range of homes will be available at Sherford.

Across the whole of Sherford, 20% of the homes built will be dedicated to affordable housing, to support local people – that’s more than 1,000 homes. Within the first phase, there will be 122 affordable homes and within this, 24 will be wheelchair adapted homes.

What’s the process to apply for or buy an affordable home?
Those in need of an affordable home, or wishing to be considered, need to apply to Devon Home Choice, for rented accommodation, Register with Help to Buy South West at, for help with part ownership. Properties for rent will be advertised in the usual way through Devon Home Choice and allocated in accordance with the Section 106 agreement and the Local Lettings Plan for Sherford.

Can I get a Government starter home?
Currently, there isn’t such an initiative in place for homes at Sherford.

How can I buy a home at Sherford?
The Sherford Consortium is a partnership of award winning homebuilders, Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey. Click here for sales information from the individual developers. You can also visit Sherford to see what life will be like in the new town and speak to a sales advisor.

· Linden Homes show homes and marketing suite are open 10am – 5pm, seven days a week
· Bovis Homes show homes and sales office are open 10am – 5pm, seven days a week
· Taylor Wimpey show homes and sales office are open from 11am- 5.30 pm, seven days a week

Is there any help I can get to buy the homes that are now on sale?
Designed to assist existing homeowners and first time buyers, Help to Buy is a Government backed equity scheme. It enables homebuyers to purchase a new home with just five per cent deposit and a 20% Government equity loan. This illustration from Linden Homes provides a simple overview of the scheme:  And Bovis Homes also offers a range of options to help people to move.


Community facilities

When will Sherford's first school be open?
Construction work on Sherford's first primary school, Sherford Vale, began in October 2017 and is the first of three planned primary schools at the new town. With 420 primary places available to children between the ages of 2-11, Sherford Vale is already accepting applications and the school is expected to open in September 2018. The new school will be sponsored and run by the Westcountry Schools Trust (WeST) which has a proven track record in education excellence locally, also running neighbouring Ivybridge Community College. 

When will the main street open?
The first part of the main street into Sherford is now open. As Sherford grows, the main street will extend, leading onto what will be the High Street. This will be flanked by shops and businesses, and a bustling area for people to visit and socialise.

When will the community park be open?
Areas of the community park are already open to the public. 

How is the community sustainable?
Sherford is set to be one of the greenest new communities in the UK, with over £1.6 million already invested into eco-friendly initiatives. Everything from outdoor spaces to home energy supply has been carefully considered. Homes will be supported by cutting-edge sustainable drainage systems, with residents also benefiting from significantly reduced energy supply requirements. 

A huge amount of effort has been made to create new wildlife habitats throughout the community, including designing and constructing wildlife corridors, some of which are 40m wide in parts. A bat bridge is also now in place and is designed to conserve the local bat population. To date, nearly 40,000 trees have been planted and over 90,000 woodland plants. Visitors and residents of Sherford are already welcomed by 30,000 plants, bordering the main entrance and over 2.3km of hedgerows have also been transplanted and re-used.


Employment and commercial space

Will there be business units and employment opportunities at Sherford?
Yes, a commercial agent has been appointed by the Consortium, with tender opportunities available. On completion, there will be 84,000sqm of commercial and employment space at Sherford, with the creation of 5,000 jobs made available in the town’s business, shops and leisure facilities. The commercial agent will publicise the tender process for businesses in due course.

When will the town centre be built?
The first part of Sherford’s main street is already open to the public, and this will grow significantly over the next three to four years, with the addition of business and commercial space.


Public transport

How will you be able to get around Sherford?
Sherford has been designed to reduce car use, with all homes being within a five minute walk of the main high street. Cycling and pedestrian walkways have also been integrated throughout the town.

What public transport will be available at Sherford?
Transport links will be available at Sherford, including two new Park and Ride sites, with links throughout the community and destinations in Plymouth city centre and Derriford. There will also be National Cycle Network connections, with links to existing bridle ways.

When will the Park and Ride be open?
It will be developed at the same time as the main street is completed and connected to Deep Lane Junction.

What is being done to ease congestion elsewhere?
Sherford has been designed to link with key road infrastructure improvements across Plymouth and the South Hams – making commutes easier and safer. Significant improvements have already been made to Stanborough Cross, which was reopened earlier this year, and work is continuing at Deep Lane Junction, which is a priority for public transport and connections to Langage.


Contacting the team at Sherford

For house sales: click here for sales information from the individual developers, or visit the sales offices at Sherford.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the Sherford construction site?
Please direct any queries of an operational nature or about the construction site at Sherford to Local residents with any urgent queries or concerns should contact the site team on: 07592 839402

Who do I contact with regards to a media enquiry or to reach a Sherford spokesperson?
Please contact the Sherford PR team at or call the team at Formedia on 01752 764222.