Sherford is located in an area renowned for stunning county landscapes and coastlines, where people enjoy the very best that outdoor living has to offer. Residents will also be only a short trip away from Plymouth, a city surrounded by water on one side and moorland on the other.

Sherford’s own outdoor areas will be plentiful and teeming with activity. They will include a 500-acre community parkland, gardens, allotments, wildlife corridors and potentially even an organic farm. Planting is already well underway, so that by the time the first residents move in, they will be greeted by established and expansive outdoor spaces.



The combination of a sports complex, parks and play areas will give the Sherford community access to a whole host of leisure activities. Runners, walkers and cyclists will be able to benefit from the footpaths and cycle routes that will take them miles around Sherford, including through parks and woodland. With a mix of indoor and outdoor facilities, a swimming pool, and pitches and courts for nearly every sport, no matter how residents prefer to spend their free time, there will something for them to do.