By working with some of the UK’s finest architects, designers and craftsmen, Sherford residents can look forward to high quality homes that combine the latest in modern design and traditional living, in one of Devon’s most picturesque areas. From apartments and town houses, to mews and detached properties, there are a wide selection of homes available to suit a range of needs, tastes and budgets.

The classic architectural styles give Sherford the look and feel of a traditional British town, but supported by contemporary mod-cons for an easier and more comfortable way of life. The town layout has been carefully designed so that residents can easily access the main street, shops, businesses, schools and parks within a short distance of their homes. Footpaths and cycle routes will intertwine the town and parkland, ensuring it is easy to move around Sherford.



Sherford will be a community open to everyone and in response to the need for additional housing in the South Hams area, a range of affordable homes will be available. From one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom family homes, affordable housing will be evenly distributed throughout the town, indistinguishable from neighbouring private homes.


Sustainability is at the heart of the Sherford community, meaning homes will feature reduced energy supply requirements, helped by water management systems. Sherford will also encourage reduced car use, with the provision of reliable public transport links, walking, and cycling facilities. It has all been designed to make life better, easier and more affordable.