Sustainability is at the heart of the Sherford community and the creation of woodland and wildlife habitats is already underway to enhance the landscape. Located in one of the UK’s greenest areas, Sherford will feature innovative environment initiatives including wildlife corridors, greenways and a bat bridge that welcomes visitors as they arrive at the community.

Residents will also benefit from sustainable ways of living, including significantly reduced energy supply requirements, water management systems and energy efficient homes, making Sherford one of the most environmentally friendly areas in the UK.



Respecting the landscape and environment, the town will also feature a significant amount of open space, including a 500-acre community park. Nearly 40,000 trees have already been planted to date and over 90,000 woodland plants, which makes it the largest natural habitat creation scheme in the South West. Visitors to Sherford are welcomed by 30,000 plants, bordering the main entrance, as well as over 2.3km of hedgerows that have been transplanted and re-used.

Community gardens, allotments, parks and play areas will also be available within walking distance of the homes. Additionally, the town is designed to reduce car use and has made significant investment in travel, with the inclusion of cycle, pedestrian and public transport links.



Sherford will bring considerable new business and commercial opportunities to the area, injecting £2 billion into the local economy. 300-400 construction jobs have been created during the build phase and once built, around 5,000 jobs will become available within the numerous shops, businesses, schools and community facilities. A Community Trust - run by the residents - will be established to represent the best interests of those living and working in the town.