Monday 8th May 2017


The following update relates to the condition of the area located to the South of the stream, at the bottom of the King George V Memorial Playing Fields.

The ground was originally excavated to allow for the construction of a large water main to supply the Sherford development.

Despite the water main being filled in, the bottom of the field is still currently in a neglected state.

Significant works are required to improve the area; however, these cannot take place until the Autumn, following the bird nesting season.

The below provides an outline of the works required:

1. Significant repair works are needed to the stream to stop further erosion of its banks and the playing field. This will be carried out using rocks from the surrounding area.

2. The construction of a large headwall is needed to discharge a surface water drain which flows beneath the playing field.

3. A substantial landscaping programme is to take place both on the stream and the surrounding area. This will include removing and replacing the dead or damaged trees and hedges, as well as the construction of a Devon bank.

4. The construction of a new footpath and cycleway, joining from Vinery Lane, which will run parallel to the stream.

As soon as these works are completed, the bottom of the field will be reinstated. Regular updates will be provided as the work progresses.