Friday 29th July 2016


The Office for National Statistics tells us that the South West is the region most people within the UK move to – and one of the least likely places people leave. We have something very special here and at the very heart of it are thriving local communities.

The South West has more people living in villages, hamlets and isolated areas than in any other English region. It is also an incredibly diverse setting, featuring coastlines, moorland and rolling countryside, while also boasting thriving urban landscapes, modern cities, cutting-edge businesses, outstanding schools and universities, and local communities of all shapes and sizes.

To get a picture of how people in the South West view life in their region and their feelings towards the communities they are part of, 1,000 adults were polled and a selection of community experts interviewed to form a report. 


It looks at how the existing communities in the South West see themselves, the attributes they hold dear, how active they are locally, and the amenities they value. It takes a snapshot of life in the West Country and asks residents to give advice on creating a cohesive and happy community. The Sherford Consortium will build these learnings into the creation of Sherford.