Monday 9th April 2018


With the opening of the revolutionary new training centre on the horizon, aiming to engage military veterans, apprentices and local contractors, we wanted to introduce you to those that are already working at Sherford from the military!

What is your name and how old are you?
Chris Hindmarch, aged 36.

What is your role within the Royal Marines and where are you based?
I am a Sergeant Weapons Instructor, serving at the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines, at Lympstone.

How is the Royal Marines Charity and UK Construction Group Morgan Sindall involved?
The Royal Marines Charity provide a link between service leavers and companies such as Morgan Sindall, to provide on the job work experience prior to leaving the Royal Marines.

What is the objective of the placement?
To gain as much of an insight into civilian working life and the construction industry as possible.

What will you be doing at Sherford during your placement?
Shadowing the Site Manager during his daily duties.

What skills are you most looking forward to learning?
Knowledge of the build process; from the very start of the project through to the end, as well as much technical detail as possible.

What advice would you give to other members of the armed forces looking to learn construction skills, or have a career in construction?
The core skills that we learn in the Armed Forces are extremely transferable and shouldn't be underestimated. As I'm learning, the construction industry offers a vast variety of roles which suit forces leavers.

Are you considering a future career in construction? If so why?
Yes 100%. I think the skills that I already have would be well suited to the construction industry in many respects and it is also an industry that is exciting, offers variety on a daily basis in terms of the tasks carried out and the people that you work with.

In your opinion, what core skills can be transferred from the armed forces to the construction industry?
On the whole, excellent communication and organisational skills with the ability to work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and roles. We tend to be quick and willing learners as that is what's expected in the Armed Forces. Being hard working, punctual, well presented, resilient, demonstrating integrity and having the ability to both give and follow instruction.

The Royal Marines in particular have the ability to be extremely adaptable, especially in rapidly changing situations or environments and thrive under pressure. These are just a few of the many skills and attributes we have to offer.

In terms of securing the placement, did you approach the RM Charity? Is this something they also help arrange for other marines?
Yes. I noticed the work placement scheme on the Royal Marines Charity website and made some enquiries. I believe this scheme is relatively new and they are looking to put more people in work placement roles in the future.

In the future, what role would you like to have within the construction industry?
I'm hoping to take up a role in Site Management or Health and Safety.

Is there a particular trade you are interested in learning about the most at Sherford?
Definitely! Site Management